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I believe that every English learner has the power to reach their full potential when they receive tactful guidance.

Are you ready to uncover yours?

With ten years of experience teaching at the university level, I know how to streamline your progress!

Pink Sugar



Whatever your expectations in terms of your studies,

I am here to exceed them.


I speak English, French, Japanese, Ukrainian, and Russian. Being a linguist, I am familiar with Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swahili, and Yoruba phonetic systems. Take advantage of my multilingual background and be sure that I know the exact way to minimize your mother-language accent.

Блакитна вода



Through my teaching services, the goal is to make it easy for clients to focus on what truly matters:

knowledge intake and consecutive successful output.


Simply join one of the plans to receive access to a messenger chat of your choice (WA, Viber, Telegram).

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