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20 years of teaching English


Positive Impact

Great job Kseniia! Your accent reduction training has been incredibly helpful. I was not a beginner at all but these American intonations had been insurmountable for me for whatever reason before I started working with you. From our very first sessions I've been improving significantly in my pronunciation and overall communication skills. Your patience, guidance, and encouragement have made the process enjoyable and effective. I appreciate the personalized approach you've taken in adjusting the lessons to my specific needs and areas of improvement. As a result of working with you, I have been the one to impress HRs at all the interviews. I have paved my new career path in high places largely because I am capable of presenting myself and my skills in the best light.  

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I am truly lucky to have found you, Kseniia. The situation was pressing for me. My work permit was expiring in a year and I had very little time to score high in the language exam. My teacher provided me with a perfect intensive course, but what really made the difference was her dedication to providing me with tailored everyday training sessions, tips for memorizing new vocabulary, and catching my difficulties before I even became aware of them. Thanks to Kseniia's expertise, patience, and commitment, I was able to jump up three levels in the IELTS exam, achieving a score of 7.5. I am beyond happy and grateful for her dedication, expertise, and personalized approach. These qualities make her an outstanding teacher. I am confident that she can help anyone achieve their English language goals.

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I recently completed a three-month English speaking course with my teacher, and I am so grateful for the progress I have made. As an Arabic speaker, I found it challenging to pronounce certain English sounds that do not exist in Arabic like (p, r, th) and all these American vowel sounds were particularly difficult for me.

However, my teacher was incredibly patient and dedicated to helping me improve my pronunciation. She provided me with exercises to practice my challenging sounds until perfection in the way that I felt reassured and motivated.

I highly recommend this course to any Arabic speaker looking to improve their English speaking skills, especially those who struggle with the differences in phonetic systems between Arabic and English. Thank you, teacher, for all your help and support!

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Ever since I started speaking English I had this voice in my head saying “Watch it, nobody likes mistakes”. I tried to fight it but it was a big stress all the time. What I found with Kseniia was that I actually embraced my fear, discovered its source, and stepped over it with the instruments she provided. I felt such invaluable support from Kseniia at all times. I grew comfortable talking to her first and then to everyone else. I am now confident in my English. I totally love the sound of my new “professional” voice after all the exercises I have never thought even existed. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Kseniia. Absolutely, 100% recommended! This is the decision I have not regretted ever since our initial test session.

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I’m from Japan, and for years I was so sure that sounding like an American was an absolutely unachievable goal for me. Struggling with “l”s or all these jumbled-up consonants was just too exhausting to overcome by myself. What I loved about Kseniia-sensei is that she made it so simple for me, breaking up complex things into mere tongue and lips movements. It was as easy as step-by-step drawings (which I like btw). I also became aware of my tongue, and this experience was so unexpected. I had been using this body part continuously and unconsciously, and then I just understood why some sounds were so hard to pronounce. I enjoyed all our sessions. You helped me become proficient in English, Kseniia.

Thank you so much! 

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There is a dramatic difference in the clarity and accuracy of my speech. I used to struggle with so many sounds before. It has taken me 6 months but now I don't just articulate sounds and words correctly. The real value is that I feel so much more confident entering any conversation in English. Kseniia's expertise and knowledge have been invaluable in helping me identify my areas for improvement and providing effective strategies to address them. And - yes! - she has angelic patience. Never once had she lost her composure. Always patient, always respectful. She is a truly rare teacher, and I feel so lucky to have been her student!

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